Acacias Fest Kizomba

15-17 July 2022

An authentic Angolan kizomba experience packed in one weekend!


Here is an interesting podcast about life and experiences from people who come from literally all over the world!

Semba and Kizomba in a short video

A YouTube video of a couple dancing Semba.

What to expect from the festival

A black man and a white woman locked in a dance pose and smiling at the camera.
100% High-Quality Teachers

We have chosen among the best Angolan dance teachers (a difficult selection, as there’s so many of them!), to give you the best Kizomba event possible. As a bonus, they are all Angolans and work in Angola, so you’ll get the authentic experience – you’ll feel 100% Angolan!

A group of people dancing in a circle.
3 Full Days of dance classes

With a total of 30 dance classes, Acacias Fest will keep you busy for 3 days straight. Classes will go from 10 am to 6 pm, just in time to prepare for the party!
They will be focussed on semba and kizomba, but you’ll also have a chance to explore different dances: traditional, Kuduro, Afrohouse, and more!

A young couple in the middle of an acrobatic Kizomba move.
All kinds of performances

With over 20 Angolan artists, experts in their respective fields, you’ll get a real look into the diversity of Angolan culture. Throughout the 4 parties we have planned, you’ll be able to hear some real local music, watch amazing dance performances and… well, we at Join Angola love surprises, so just be ready for anything!

Are you curious about discovering a new country?

Make the most of your trip: after the event, experience Angola fully and go back with the most amazing memories. Make it a week, two weeks or (why not?) a whole month! You won’t won’t get bored.

We’ve prepared a list of things to do in Angola, aside from dancing Kizomba: we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for! If you don’t, contact us… we’ll be happy to look for activities that are more specific to your needs.

If you’d like to experience Angola with us (and a group of fellow Join Angola peeps), just choose one of our travel packages.

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We are authentic.

We are caring.

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We are dancers.

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We are empowering.

We are a community.

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